Space in VR

Space in VR

Every child in the class becomes an astronaut

Imagine every child in your class becoming an astronaut, exploring the depths of space through Virtual Reality (VR). Our Space in VR workshop offers an unparalleled journey where the entire class simultaneously pilots research vessels around planets and moons, delving deep into the wonders of the solar system.

Using a fully-networked class set of headsets and our own cutting-edge software with CGI, our facilitator ensures an immersive experience that enhances learning and boosts fact retention. This interactive workshop is designed to ignite curiosity and inspire the next generation of scientists and astronauts.

Join us during World Space Week or World Space Day for a thrilling adventure into VR space exploration. Our science workshops for schools provide an educational yet thrilling experience, perfect for VR Day or any occasion when your school wants to delve into the cosmos.


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