National Fitness Day

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National Fitness Day

21st September

Maypole Dance

Children learn to work together to form simple patterns through movement and dance, progressing to more complex weaves, before working out how reverse their dance to unwind the ribbons. With traditional folk music and dances including The Gypsies' Tent and The Grand Chain. Our...

Irish Dance

Our céili brings the enthusiasm for Irish dance, music and story-telling into your school. Children are encouraged to wear green to celebrate the patron saint of Ireland.  Our professional dancer leads each class in Irish step-dancing to lively tempos. The day culminates in a...

Circus Multi-Skills

  This workshop is based around the rich tradition of the circus. Incorporating physical skills from the PE Curriculum, including agility, balance and coordination, the whole class joins in with a range of fun activities that develop their flexibility, strength...

Cardio Dance

Part of the PE curriculum, dance is a fantastic way to activate your whole class. It is recommended that children do at least 60 minutes of moderate intensity physical activity a day. Dancing is a whole-body workout, improving coordination, balance and muscle-memory. Healthy kids are...

Human Body in VR

We have devised a workshop to take you to inner space! Shrink down to an atom to zoom inside your body to learn what a fascinating and precious organism you are.  Our VR team has created brand new content to explore the circulation system, the digestive system and the skeletal system....

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