All VR workshops

All VR workshops

Browse our suite of VR topics. Each one has our own content devised by experts and aligned to the curriculum. We bring a class-set of networked headsets for an immersive learning experience. 

  • Ancient China - famous relics, great thinkers, myths and the zodiac, Chinese New Year

  • Ancient Egyptians - mummification, pharaohs, pyramids, gods, Book of the Dead

  • Ancient Greece - Gods, myths, famous people, ancient and modern Olympics

  • Eco - climate change, its causes and solutions

  • Human Body - digestive system, skeletal system and circulation system

  • Indigenous Australia - myths, legends, art and songs

  • Ocean Life - plankton, dolphins, whale sharks and corals

  • Minibeasts - insects, such as ladybird, honeybee and butterfly

  • Space - asteroids, stars, moons and planets

  • Wild Animals - go on a hunt with predators - tiger, eagle, tuna and snake 

                                                VR takes you beyond reality!

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