Wild Animals in VR

Wild Animals in VR

Experience our incredible Virtual Reality workshop exploring the amazing animal kingdom, with our own new content.

Get up close with some fascinating, and occasionally terrifying, beasts! VR takes you on fully immersive journey up close with an animal from each of the classes.

Go on a hunt with an eagle swooping at a mountain hare, a great tiger hunting an unsuspecting deer, a pit viper stalking a treefrog and a school of predatory tuna attacking a mackerel bait ball. The workshop includes plenty of curriculum points from the 'Living Things & Their Habitats' and 'Animals' objectives such as classification, camouflage, diet and habitats, teeth and adaptation. Children are amazed at the action and wonder of the CGI whilst absorbing interesting facts.

This is VR on another level, and the best part? No welfare or safety issues with real animals being brought to school! VR can get up close with exotic and dangerous creatures, and even X ray their physiology, for deeper understanding of the scientific concepts.


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